Lisbon RoadShow


Legazy is currently on the exciting Lisbon Roadshow from the 4th to 9th of September in Lisbon with an itinerary of engagement with the Chamber of Commerce Lisbon, investors, business leaders and incubators. The purpose of the roadshow is to exhibit South African Startups and attempt to gain tangible interest in your company before Web Summit at the end of the year where they will engage with our selected start-ups for the first time. The Legazy team headed by Zuko Tisani will also use this opportunity to attempt to sponsor further technology start-ups to exhibit at Web Summit.Take a look at some of our great meetings lined up for the Lisbon Roadshow:

  • Building CEO of Building Global Innovators
  • Start-up Lisboa
  • President of the Venture Capital Association
  • Project Director of CGD Entrepreneurship – Largest Bank in Portugal
  • The CEO Bank BNI Europa
  • Fábrica de Startups
  • Investor Heads

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