Legazy’s Founder Makes the Forbes 30 Under 30 Africa List

A big congratulations to our founder and CEO for making the Forbes Top 30 Under 30 Africa list. Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but by the presence of clear strengths.

“We at Legazy believed the South African startup community needed the community of early-stage investors; the world’s most disruptive tech startups and thought leaders on emerging disruption to be hosted in country for our startup community to gain investment, create partnerships and become as competitive as the largest technology companies out there such as your Ubers and Facebook.” – Zuko Tisani

Read the full article below: Section 18

Under 30 Business

Co-Founder: ATI Groupe Nzonde is a brave man. Five years ago, he founded ATI Groupe, a construction company, with the R6,000 ($478) he earned from renting out his friend’s BMW that he had borrowed for a weekend. He is also the founder of Mulundu Investment Holdings, which houses ATI Groupe and Chi Groupe, a management consulting firm.


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