Solutions for our startups

How does it work?

Disclaimer: Half day training on using the LeanBusiness software is free and included for all Legazy members in person or webinar training on the software.

The goal of providing this software to our startups is two-fold:

The dashboard provided allows the startup to work on their business holistically- being able to track and measure growth, opportunities and objectives. The dashboard is user-friendly allowing you to attach supporting documents to all existing Resources- This could include your investor deck; financials; tax and company registration; purchase-orders; Letters of Intent; patents; pipeline and essentially acting as a CRM.

Digital Entrepreneurial Products that Work!

The active investor can qualify their interest within 60sec of looking through your profile and speeds the process of due-diligence. Hence speeding the process on both ends of deal-flow and investment. A CrunchBase-like operation exclusively for South African startups opened to a world of active investors. There are levels of screening until the interest is made and Non-disclosures signed once both parties agree to engage.

Create & Maintain Streamlined Entrepreneurship Journeys

Ensure High-quality Guidance and 24/7 Accessibility

Save Resources With More Efficient Knowledge Transfer Methods

Build knowledge about entrepreneurs through structured data collection

Introduction to Lean Business Platform

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