See how InsurTech is re-shaping traditional insurance


On Demand insurance

Riovic provides a solution that allows users to purchase life insurance when they perceive the greatest need. Consumers who do not have insurance policies can buy protection where and when they need it in less than 1 minute without assuming the responsibility to pay monthly premiums that comes with traditional policies.


We prove an individual is who they claim to be

Where it is necessary or legally required we enable an organisation to validate an individual as being who they claim to be. Often used for Know Your Customer (KYC) and remove/reduce the risk of a bad customer or one claiming the identity of another. We offer the service free to individuals, who can also check another person with consent.


Using innovative peer-to-peer underwriting models to bring smarter short-term insurance to South Africa

Short-term insurance can be expensive, complex and untrustworthy when it comes to claiming. Plus, there’s the total lack of transparency in the calculation of premiums which creates distrust between you and the suits running the insurance company. We want to make insurance incredibly easy for you to buy, understand and manage your insurance needs.


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